Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Connecting - Online or in Person

I provide social media marketing to my clients - my job is connecting with others online.  On my personal Facebook profile I have friends that I don't know and may never meet, but online we connect. It's like I have known them all my life. I share with them, they share with me - we connect.

Facebook, Twitter and various sites have given us a way to expand and connect with more people. They allow us to to meet new people and make new friends -to expand our connections. But, sometimes there is nothing like doing it the old fashion way.  Every year, I organize a holiday gift show. And, every year the vendors spend two days together. Instant friendships sprout, some of those will never expand once the show is over and some will last a lifetime. For two days this small group of people are close and connected.

Connecting, whether online, or in person, is a necessary part of being human. We need that connection. We crave that connection. Our online connections are just as much a part of who were are as the connections we make in person.

It doesn't always matter how we connect - whether online or in person - as long as we connect.

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