Friday, December 27, 2013

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

I recently ran across an article that posed this question - Can Email Marketing still deliver in 2014?

Email Marketing is still my main focus when it comes to marketing. I see the greatest return from it. The feedback from customers is that they appreciate how much I stay connected with them. What I have really noticed is how much it helps with the reputation of my business and how it keeps us connected.

In the article the first paragraph says:
With the rise of social media marketing and the increase in purchases being made on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you may be wondering if you should continue to focus efforts on email marketing in 2014? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” While social media has become an important part of marketing for businesses, email is still the work horse of your marketing tool kit.

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I agree with a resounding YES!

I use all forms of Social Media - Facebook being my primary - but Email Marketing is my work horse. It is my main marketing tool.

After reading this article I felt good about moving forward into 2014.  If you are ready to move forward into 2014 here are some suggestions and things to consider:

1. Subject.  - Entice your readers.  Give them a reason to stop, not just breeze by or worse yet 'delete' your email.

2. Content - make it compelling. Educate them. Give them valuable information. Have fun. Do NOT sale, sale, sale.

3. Call to Action. Have links in your content - make sure the links go directly to where you want them to go. There is nothing worse than driving someone to a website home page and making them navigate their way to the place they really wanted to go.

4. Design -  Clean. Simple. Easy on the eyes and easy to read.  Images play a big part in the design. We are a visual society and pictures do say more than a 1,000 words.

Need Help?

There are people who specialize in this form of marketing. People like me.

Good Luck! And don't sweat the small stuff.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Connecting - Online or in Person

I provide social media marketing to my clients - my job is connecting with others online.  On my personal Facebook profile I have friends that I don't know and may never meet, but online we connect. It's like I have known them all my life. I share with them, they share with me - we connect.

Facebook, Twitter and various sites have given us a way to expand and connect with more people. They allow us to to meet new people and make new friends -to expand our connections. But, sometimes there is nothing like doing it the old fashion way.  Every year, I organize a holiday gift show. And, every year the vendors spend two days together. Instant friendships sprout, some of those will never expand once the show is over and some will last a lifetime. For two days this small group of people are close and connected.

Connecting, whether online, or in person, is a necessary part of being human. We need that connection. We crave that connection. Our online connections are just as much a part of who were are as the connections we make in person.

It doesn't always matter how we connect - whether online or in person - as long as we connect.