Thursday, November 7, 2013


This year, three of my clients were running for local political offices. This was my first up-close exposure to politics, even on a local level. At first, they were like any client - my job - manage their Facebook pages. And, like any client, I worked closely with them on how their Facebook pages should work.

What I discovered about myself is that I enjoyed being a part of their political campaign. They made my first exposure into politics a very positive experience. They each ran clean campaigns and didn't get caught up in the messy mud slinging that most politicians do. Their pages were very active and engaging, which showed that people wanted what they were offering.

What was also a real treat - their appreciation. They not only experienced the value of Social Media, they were grateful to have someone onboard that can manage it correctly and had the skills to provide a social media platform that worked well for their campaigns.

A toast to Politics. I have a newfound appreciation for what they go through - to win or lose.