Saturday, October 5, 2013

The True Power of Online Marketing

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Part of today's marketing plan is the use of the 'digital' world.  Online sites, such as, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more.  Mobile marketing. Websites are still in and necessary.

But, the question always asked is: How do I know it's working?  
What the question may should be is: How do you know it's not working, if you aren't using it?

I have been using Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Email Marketing for about seven years now. I don't always see, or hear, how it's doing from a monetary stand point, on that I can actually track. What I do know is working, is how it has built 'relationships' with my customer base.  My online 'relationships' are often more productive and supportive, then my personal life relationships. The true power of online marketing uses the old fashion way of getting customers - word-of-mouth. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing more powerful for a business than word-of-mouth. Some call those people, 'evangelists.'  

If you are not using these powerful tools, or using them correctly, you are missing out on some great opportunities.

I read this great article that talks more about this. 

The Digital Marketing Playbook For Small Business

"Perhaps the most asked question of Small Businesses in the past three years is, "How do we measure return on social media, blogging and digital marketing"?
Translation: If we spend time, money or energy on these pseudo marketing activities, is there a measurable return we can expect (in like five minutes)?"