Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Clients

It is a small business dream to work with great customers or clients. They are the reason we get out bed each day and do what we do. And when they show their appreciation and send you testimonials full of gratitude, it makes it that makes easier to keep plugging along.

As small businesses we should also remember to do testimonials.  To thank the other businesses we do business with, to thank our suppliers, but most importantly to thank our customers. After all they are the reason we are still in business.

Just in case I don't say it enough - Thank You!


It's hard to find words of gratitude that would do justice for all that Karla has done for myself and my business.  She gently coached me back to the computer age (I'm really old) and taught me how to use social media to help promote my business.  She came in and set me up with Constant Contact, redid my website and much improved it on the way.  She keeps me posted and gives gentle reminders for schedules, etc.  She writes newsletters for me when I'm slow to get to it and everybody always loves them.  She understands that I'm super busy and is never judgmental of my glacial pace to get little things done sometimes.  She's easy going, sharp as a tack, loves her work and I can't recommend her highly enough and I can't thank her enough.

Kate Bowers