Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Facebook Cover Photo - Design Special

Cover Photo
Design Special

On March 30th, Facebook will be changing Business Pages to the new Timeline. There are some really exciting features in the new Timeline. One of the new exciting features is the 'Cover Photo'. What a great way to brand your Facebook Page and make it look more like your Business. - That Photo Shoppe on Facebook


email us ( 3-5 photos, logo and Business name.

email us ( 5-9 photos, logo and Business name.

Armchair Cruising - on Facebook

Samples of Cover Photo Art for some local
designed by Alternative Focus/Alternative Inbound Marketing

Art in Anacortes on Facebook.

Johnny Picasso's on Facebook

Cascades Neuro Yoga on Facebook

Barbara Bickmore on Facebook

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Facebook Pages Timeline - What about Business?

Without much notice, the ever-changing Facebook, says that on March 30th all Pages will be going to the new Timeline. There are some nice features in the new Timeline, I will admit. There is also some, ok features. One of the 'new' features is the 'Cover Photo'. You could also think of it like a website banner. The cool thing about this is now businesses/brands can get a little more creative. A Page can now stand out more - like the new Coca-Cola Page.

Another new feature, one that I have always wondered why they haven't done it, is you can now send a private message to a business. Some businesses might not like this. It could possibly take up more staff/employee time answering messages - kind of like answering emails. You can turn this feature off, but that seems very uncustomer friendly to me. Besides if a customer is having a problem, I would prefer to know it in private instead of having it publicly displayed on my wall.

Highlighting, Pinning and Milestones are some other new features that I think will help enhance a businesses Facebook Page.

A lot of these new features are great and will make a Business Facebook Page a more interactive and fun Page. There are still a few things that I find unfriendly to businesses. Facebook is a business, just like the rest of us, yet they have so many limitations and restrictions set in place on 'promoting' a business. Awhile back they put a big stop on 3rd party apps, some of which had some really great features for businesses. I, and so many others, found this very annoying. Now they have restrictions on what the Cover Photo (your Pages header/banner) is not allowed to do.

  • Price or Purchase information, such as '40% off', or 'Download it at our website'.
  • Contact information - no web address, email, mailing address or phone number.
  • Can't say 'Like' or 'Share' my Facebook Page.
  • Calls to action - 'Get it now' or 'Tell your Friends'.

Honestly I am not sure I understand why? What is their reasoning? My husband suggested it was because they want you to buy 'ads'. Ok, that makes some sense, but it's not a deal breaker for most of us. But to not be able to even put your website address or phone # in the header - Really? Let's face it Facebook - businesses are on Facebook. We are probably a big part of the drive behind the popularity of Facebook now. And we are businesses, businesses that need to 'promote' or 'market' our businesses. I am not saying that Facebook should be used for constant selling and marketing, not at all. In fact, I think it is a best used for communications with our Fans, but let's face it part of that communications is telling our Fans about our business and making it easy for them to contact us. And in all of our communications/advertising we are telling our customers to 'Like' us on Facebook, which Facebook has to love. So why can't we say that in our Cover Photo? Why can't we put our website at the top? Why such silly restrictions?

An answer we will probably never get.

Regardless, Facebook is as much a part of our business now as - emails, websites and the phone.

After all of that ranting about restrictions on promoting and marketing, and since I am a business - I am not going to restrict myself and I am going do a little 'promo' right here - If you need help with the new Timeline or any other Social Media or email marketing contact us at 360-588-6968. :-)