Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Ever Changing Social Media Landscape

The biggest frustration for most of us, is the constant changes in social networking. Seems like every time you turn around - Facebook is changing something on their site, or there is some new Social Media Site to discover and learn more about and add in the mobile market which is exploding. There is over 300,000 apps available and they expect that number to grow into the millions in the next year.

So where to start? If you are new to social media and social networking, then take small steps. Pick one or two sites and start. Practice everyday and stay consistent. Social networking works best if you stay consistent. Don't oversell your products or service. Post useful information and tips. Build trust. Stick with it and you will start to notice that it becomes as natural to your business as business cards, emails and websites.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Be Where Your Customers Are

I get asked a lot, which social media sites should I use? I only have so much time in a day, which ones are the most effective? There are some variables to consider, so there is no real definite answer to this - at least not in a blog post. The first consideration is, who are your customers? What Social Media sites would you find them on? You will find that each of the sites actually have different uses and different followers. Sure there is some overlap, but they will be used differently.

Facebook: With over 500 million users on Facebook, there is a pretty good chance your customers are on there, but is it the right fit for you? Most of the time, I would say 9 out of 10, the answer is yes.

Twitter: Great tool. Bloggers and professionals are some of the biggest users on Twitter, but you will read stories on retail stores, celebrities and others having great success on it. Again, are your customers on it? Will it help you in anyway? It might be useful just for staying up-to-date on what is happening in your industry?

YouTube: another great tool. Very effective for educational materials, introducing new products, artists, musicians, celebrities, having fun. Determine how your business can use YouTube and make it work for your customers.

Blogging: Personally I think blogging is a great tool for all businesses. It is a great way to educate, to communicate, to describe, to introduce and to inform. Is this right for you, or your customers?

The list can go on and on. Determine where your customers are and how you can reach them. Maybe start out small and with just use one or two social media sites. Keep it simple, keep it short, keep it real.