Sunday, November 27, 2011

Customers sometimes grow up

A relationship with a customer sometimes simulates raising a child. You start by doing everything for them, then gradually you teach them to do some things themselves, then before you know it they are claiming independence and they are off on their own leaving you with empty nest syndrome.

Being a Social Media Virtual Assistant can sometimes be like being a parent. At first you spend all of your time doing everything for the customer - blogging, Facebook, email marketing, tweeting, posting, etc. You do this either because they may not have the skills to do it themselves (or the time). Over time you gradually teach them to do some of the tasks themselves - maybe they start by adding a post to Facebook, or tweeting on Twitter, then gradually they take on other tasks.

As they gain more confidence and build their skills they take on more and before you know it they have grown up and want to leave the nest. You can feel mixed emotions from this journey - satisfaction from teaching them and raising them to go off on their own, and yet some sadness that they will no longer need you as often. Just like raising children though, once they leave home you start to experience a sense of freedom and excitement to move on.