Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why I use Facebook for Business

I have been using Facebook for business for approximately 3+ years now. I started using it for the same reason everyone else did, because we were told we should. At first I found it difficult to learn. I had no clue how to set it up, or how to use it correctly, but over time it just 'clicked' and now it is one of the most valuable tools I use when marketing.

Why do I use Facebook?

1. It is immediate.

2. It is after all called 'Social Networking'. Now I can network on a larger scale with people that I would never have reached otherwise.

3. It is customer service, customer focus and customer interaction - all rolled into one.

4. It is fun!

5. And it is FREE! And very effective.

There is still a lot of confusion for small businesses on how to use Facebook, both technically and as a marketing/networking tool. Most small business owners do not really have the time to learn one more thing and/or they don't really have a grasp on 'how to use Facebook' for marketing.

Facebook for business is a lot different than Facebook for family and friends, and it should be treated accordingly. When I first set up my business it was to consult with small businesses on getting set up correctly and using Facebook. But what I really noticed is they needed a 'Virtual Social Media Assistant', someone to help them keep up with Facebook and make sure that they continue to use it. Consistency is key in using Facebook for Marketing.

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